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“Tropical” Shop

"Tropical" Shop

Among all the cities of Kazakhstan, Zhezkazgan is famous not only for its rich mineral resources, but also for its hot arid climate. That is why it is doubly surprising to see a real palm tree in the middle of an industrial enterprise.

The Heat and Power Supply Shop of the Zhezkazgan Copper Smelter can boast of this miracle of nature. For 40 years, a tropical palm tree has been successfully growing here and periodically blooming. For shop workers an exotic tree long ago became a kind of talisman for good luck.

— It is not known who was the first to bring and plant this plant. Our old-timers say that already in 1982 the palm tree grew in the workshop, — says Svetlana Konabayeva, the machinist of the pumping unit of Zhezkazgan Copper Smelter.

Workers of the Heat and Power Supply Shop of carefully monitor and care for the green pet. Water strictly once a week, on Saturdays. Thanks to their care, the plant has grown to 9 meters in height and 60 centimeters in diameter.

The green corner of the workshop is not limited to palm tree. Young willow and several types of flowers grow here, carefully planted by workers. The factory workers themselves are sincerely proud of their winter garden, which daily pleases the workshop staff and delights the guests of Zhezkazgan Copper Smelter.