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New bowl of granulation in Batch Preparation Shop of Zhezkazgan Copper Smelter!

New bowl of granulation in Batch Preparation Shop of Zhezkazgan Copper Smelter!

In 2023, according to the investment plan, a major overhaul of the granulation line No. 1 was carried out with the replacement of the main units.

Pelletizing bowl with a diameter of 7 meters with a crown and a hub weighs — 12 tons!

Thanks to this update, the charge performance has been significantly improved. Increased hardness of granules fed from the Batch Preparation Shop to the Copper Smelting Shop, which in turn allows to increase the melting process in the furnaces.

I would like to note that in order to reduce manual labor, LST tank level sensors have been introduced. Radar level gauges show the level directly to the operator of the Batch Preparation Shop. Now the locksmiths on duty do not need to regularly rise to the mark of 16.3 m.

In total, more than 628,723,679 tenge was spent on the overhaul of the granulation line No. 1.

It is gratifying that this proposal came from the workers themselves! We are waiting for new offers!