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A course in automation!

A course in automation!

We continue our constant work to minimize manual labor.⠀

One example of automation is the use of machines for taphole opening and closing and the use of hydraulic machines equipped with an automation system and position sensors.

Last year, we purchased a TMT machine, manufactured by TMT Austria, for automatically opening blast holes and discharge of slag and matte at the ore-thermal furnace No. 2 of the Zhezkazgan Copper Smelter.

Also, these machines are equipped with modern oil stations, a system of hydro accumulators, which are filled with gaseous nitrogen, which together makes it possible, when external power sources are turned off, to complete the discharge of matte and slag within an hour after a power failure, close the blast holes and move the machines to a safe distance.

All this allowed us to eliminate the contact of people in the danger zone, as well as to reduce human labor in the process.