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The overhaul of the Vanyukov Furnace-1 complex has been completed!

The overhaul of the Vanyukov Furnace-1 complex has been completed!

From May 2, 2023, the VF-1 complex of the Copper Smelting Shop of Balkhash Copper Smelter was stopped for overhaul. Traditionally, large-scale repairs were managed by the headquarters headed by the Director of Copper Smelting Shop Yerbol Aibekov and the head of the Copper Smelting Shop Baitas Suleimenov. The metallurgists completed all the repair work within 35 days and put the complex into operation.

Repair work was carried out by various structural divisions of the Corporation and contractors.

The design and estimate documentation for the overhaul of the VF-1 unit was developed by the Design Center of Kazakhmys Smelting LLP, headed by Yuri Nikulichev.

The main overhaul was carried out within 30 days, for another five days we put the PV-1 on warm-up before launch. And in view of the high complexity of the project, as well as the large volume of construction and installation work, he was under control of the plant management around the clock. The main scope of work consisted in the complete replacement of the waste gas boiler, the replacement of most of the water-cooling elements and the restoration of the refractory lining of the unit. All this had to be done in a very short time, during the shutdown of the unit — the Vanyukov furnace.

Accordingly, a high professional approach of all Balkhash Copper Smelter engineering and technical workers was required when planning repair work and taking into account risks during these works, — explained Baitas Suleimenov, Head of the Balkhash Copper Smelter.

A major overhaul was carried out to restore the working capacity of the furnace, i.e. the service life is extended. The frequency of repairs is 18 months or 1.5 years.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to thank all the employees of Balkhash Copper Smelter, Repair-Assembly Plant of Kazakhmys Corporation and AAE Engineering LLP, who took part in the overhaul!