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Kazakhmys Smelting LLP is a production association of the key and most experienced non-ferrous metallurgy assets.
12th place
11th place
~5,000 people
in the world for the production of blister and cathode copper from tolling raw materials (377 and 365 thousand tons, respectively).
in the world ranking, the Republic of Kazakhstan was ranked among the countries producing silver, thanks to the contribution of the Kazakhmys Group in 2020.
work at factories located at the Balkhash and Zhezkazgan production sites.
279 tons, 51% of the country's total production.
Smelting includes copper smelters, plants for the production of copper rod, copper and enameled wire - located at two production sites (Balkhash and Zhezkazgan).
Company philosophy
To achieve this goal, we are now creating and constantly improving approaches in the field of production, management, economics, ecology and labor protection.
To be the most efficient metallurgical company, at the forefront of social and economic transformation, whose results will have a positive impact on our future generations.
As the largest company in the region, one of the leaders in the metallurgical industry, we fully assume responsibility for the economic, environmental and social activities that directly or indirectly affect the residents of the Ulytau and Karaganda regions.
Goal Achievement
Our mission
Work principles
Honesty, openness and integrity
Continuous development
Legal compliance
Healthy lifestyle
Zero tolerance for corruption
Preservation of knowledge and experience
Development directions
Manufacturing excellence
Regional development
Social support
Occupational safety and health
Care for the environment
Corporate rules
Do not be at the workplace in a state of alcoholic and/or drug intoxication.
Comply with the requirements of the labor schedule. It is forbidden to be absent from the workplace for more than 3 hours without a good reason.
Comply with the rules of conduct and ethics:
Comply with the requirements of anti-corruption regulations, report all facts of violations.
Do not smoke cigarettes in the office building.
Don’t lie;
Do not allow assault, obscene statements, raising voice and other immoral actions;
Not to allow discrimination in any form and type, including by gender, nationality, religion.