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In modern conditions, an important factor in the success of any company that implements its activities according to world standards, along with economic efficiency, is a high degree of social responsibility. Realizing this, the Partnership provides its employees with a high level of social guarantees, implements large-scale social projects both at the enterprise and in general in the regions of presence - the Ulytau and Karaganda regions.

As part of the “Torangy-2023” program in Balkhash, more than 60 pupils of the Boarding School for Children from Large and Low-Income Families visited the groves of relic turanga (or Asian poplar), which is located 25 kilometers from the city. Lunches and excursions were organized for the pupils of the school, accompanied by a guide - the director of the museum of the Balkhash city, where they were presented with gifts in the form of T-shirts and caps with the logo of the Partnership. Also, on June 1, a festive dinner was organized for orphans and children went to amusement rides.

Our social responsibility in the cities of presence is also focused on aspects of the environment around us, so we have implemented the following projects:

Stocking of Bertys Bay in 2022-2023:
The launch of fish stock in the waters of Bertys Bay with a stocking volume of 448,463 pcs of carps for the sum of 24,370.628 tenge.

Landscaping of the Zhezkazgan city in 2022-2023:
Landscaping of the sanitary protection zone of the Zhezkazgan Copper Smelter, according to the project, with 7,100 green spaces for the sum of 37,300.000 tenge.

Landscaping of the Balkhash city in 2022 - 2023:
Landscaping of the territories of the Balkhash city to improve the sanitary condition of the territory and the ecological situation of the Balkhash region with green plantings in the amount of 5,750 pieces with a total cost of 73,916.000 tenge.

Action “Clean Coast” of the Balkhash city and the Zhezkazgan city in 2023:
Organization of Cleaning Days:
- coastal sections of the Balkhash city with a length of 4 kilometers with the involvement of employees of the enterprise in the amount of 400 people, 43 tons of waste were removed,
- coastal sections of the Zhezkazgan city with a length of 2 kilometers with the involvement of employees of enterprises in the amount of 300 people, 37 tons of waste were removed, the total cost of the action was 2,826.000 tenge.

In the second half of 2023 it is planned:
Excursion of children to the Balkhash and Zhezkazgan Copper Smelters in 2023:
Excursion to the plants for the children of employees of the enterprise in the Balkhash and Zhezkazgan regions with the presentation of gifts in the form of T-shirts and caps with the logo of the Partnership, with an expense of 400,000 tenge.

Excursion for children in the cities of Balkhash and Zhezkazgan to the Green Energy substation in 2023:
Excursion for children to the solar substation of Kaz Green Energy LLP with a capacity of 100 MW, which consists of 192,350 double-sided photovoltaic panels in Balkhash, with a capacity of 10 MW in Zhezkazgan, with an expense of 433,000 tenge.